Our Billing system operates as an independent part of the platform which is hosted internally or in any web server.

With a single software Billing we can control as many platforms as we want and as long as they are federated (platform independent but interconnected) allows movement of virtual machines between them as DR active between platforms.

Professional looking invoices

Send invoices to your customers looking for high quality professional. PDF versions are attached to all emails related to WHMCS sends the bill, including new notifications of invoices and payment reminder alerts, so your customers do not even need to visit your site to view their bills. In addition invoices are fully customizable through templates.


Many integrated payment gateways

Integrated with over 75 different payment gateways as standard with WHMCS you can be used different ways that work best for you. Support multiple gateways used simultaneously, and integrated processing fully automated payments, confirmations and payment refunds, it is now easier than ever


It supports all major forms of payment.
Supports control of Docker sale
Different payment addons to improve the functionality (eg. Amazon cloud addon for interconnection to provide services directly).
Control payment for SAAS and PAAS.
Single point of control for multiple platforms
Supports control of Docker sale